About Antonio Sanchez

Antonio Sanchez grew up in an immigrant family on a dead end street in Pacoima. In the beginning, the family shared their meals eating off a milk crate. Seven days a week his father drove a bus and his mother cut hair. Antonio entered elementary school speaking Spanish only and started working at 15 to help pay the family bills. They worked hard to expand opportunities beyond that dead end street.

sanchez_family.jpgNow, Antonio helps students and workers train and find good-paying jobs that are growing our middle class and strengthening our local neighborhoods. It’s the success story every Valley resident deserves and that he’ll fight for as our Assemblymember.

Antonio and his wife, Daniela, are raising their daughter, Alexia, in North Hollywood. They know working full time and doing the extra things to try to get ahead requires a strong support network and they’re thankful for their family and friends throughout the San Fernando Valley.

That’s how he grew up—neighbors look out for each other, are involved in their schools, support local businesses, and build a community together.

After attending Coldwater Canyon Elementary and Pacoima Middle School, Antonio worked his way through San Fernando High School and Cal State Northridge. He sought out opportunities to give back to our community and began providing constituency services for local elected officials. His work empowering our neighborhoods was quickly noticed and he was asked to join Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s administration.

Working with our neighborhoods on beautification projects, helping local businesses cut through red tape, and holding government accountable to the people encouraged Antonio to go back to school so he could learn to do more. He got his Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from UCLA and started working with unions to create good-paying local jobs.

Antonio.jpgToday, Antonio is a workforce development director for the IBEW Local 11. He helps veterans and students in our communities get the training they need for highly skilled jobs and then works to place them on projects that improve our infrastructure, upgrade our schools, and build affordable housing. He also works with local schools and governments to lead regional efforts to green our communities and lower our energy costs with affordable solar power. As a member of the Los Angeles County Community College Bond Oversight Committee, Antonio also helps to protect taxpayer dollars.

Antonio knows people are working harder, but falling further behind. He believes that carving more paths to the middle class starts with more investment in our pre-K education, increasing trade and technical training in our high schools, and making college more affordable so that every student is prepared for good-paying jobs in the new economy.

As our next Assemblymember, Antonio will focus on these education improvements for our future generation, but also on empowering workers trying to get ahead right now, such as expanding affordable child care, lowering housing costs, and fighting for workers to get a bigger piece of the economic pie.

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